Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just like the 'new coke' and 'coca-cola classic'

Okay, less people in my reading base actually have widescreen monitors than I though. I'm going back to posting the main body text into a format that is readable by all -- but I'm not going to change the right side bar thingy. The right side bar thingy was just too much HTML work to put in for someone who was never taught HTML; thus, reverting to what I had before invalidates that one book I bought on HTML. (And the hours I put into that code) This way both groups of people have something to complain about now, instead of just one. For widescreen users you're going to just get used to a lot of trapped white space. For normal computer monitor users, that right side bar thingy is forever going to look jacked up. Basically, all my widescreen revisions of the blog will go down in history as the "new coke era" of my blog. Great. That means that people should like my blog more now that I've put it back to normal again, ha ha . . .

Coca-Cola rolled out a wellresearched, taste-tested new formula to energize its lethargic brand. But a firestorm of consumer protest led to New Coke's demise after 79 days, when the original was brought back with great fanfare. Today, New Coke is a celebrated chapter in Coke lore.