Sunday, July 26, 2009

USA Basketball scrimmage pictures! Woo!

Here are some of the (jazz related) pictures from the scrimmage featuring Kyle Korver, Paul Mil$ap and Ronnie Brewer (and coach Ty Corbin too!). All the pictures were photographed by Andrew D. Bernstien for NBAE/Getty Images.

Team Photo

Here is the team picture (L to R): Bottom row is Paul Millsap; Top row is Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and Tyrone Corbin.


Kyle is on offense, and at half court here. Great job Kyle!

A. Randolph

Here Millsap watches Anthony Randolph throw it down


Kyle jokes with Thad Young and business casual friday guy.

Dont want to make you look bad so I will pass

Here Kyle defends Ronnie Brewer, uh-oh, Kyle is on you . . . you better look to pass!


Brewer and Millsap take a breather


Durant talks while Brewer mentally constructs new ways to defend him


What does this picture have to do with the Jazz? Oh yeah, Kyle is in it waaaay in the back. Great job Kyle! Keep it up!

Air Brewer

Brewer makes airspace to dunk on Durant

Love me tender

Kevin Love dunks on Millsap

Love me true

Here the two are going for the same rebound . . . but obviously looking at two different things. I wonder who got the rebound . . .

Air Brewer again

Brewer skies in for two more!

Kyle in stealth mode

Okay Amar, now really! What does this have to do with the Jazz? Ah yes, Korver is behind Westbrook (foreground) in the center of the picture, in stealth mode.

Ty does not care for your conversation

And Tyrone is over near a cheerleader on the right hand side.

That's one tall kid, if Kyle is 6'7

It was business as usual after the game for Kyle, who seems to be moving into the Kevin Costner period of his career.

I'm open . . . for the love of God I'm open

Thad Young is trapped behind the basket and Millsap is looking for a pass -- ‘Sap, that pass isn’t going to come, Young is going to shoot this. It was that kind of camp for Millsap – it seems.

the juice

Let’s finish this with some OJ going up and over some Korver defense! You can do it! Go JAZZ!