Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello all. No doubt some have noticed a general lack of posting of late. Last off-season I had loads of free time, and enthusiasm, for posting. This off-season things have been a little less super when it comes to free time. (Or some would say, time management) I kept trying to make goals for me to reach per month, then per week, and so forth. These were goals that I was unable to keep when mixing my busy schedule, my so-called career and balancing my family life with the whole ‘blogging’ thing. I’m quite active on twitter, and do stop into a few basketball websites frequently enough to share my views on things. (mostly and

I missed blogging about the NBA Draft; the HOF ceremonies; about all the international competitions; and this season there’s not going to be a massive 20+ Pre-Season Preview – like there was last season. I do still enjoy blogging, and still have a lot of posts in me to get out. So I’m not going to be closing the doors – but I will be making myself available for outsourcing. (here’s something I wrote for @Nat77 on her amazing blog; and something I wrote for DimeMag on Jerry Sloan getting in the Hall – if you want to see what kind of stuff I’m capable of)

There’s some unfinished business for both the Jazz and for me – so don’t count us entirely out yet. But for the mean time, expect a few more posts at this location, and hopefully many more on other websites. (hey ESPN, gimme a job – here’s a free sample for Insider: “Kobe Kobe Lakers Slurp Slurp Adande Sportsguy Phil Jackson Jordan Kobe LeBron!”)

hope you understand memes
Image from here; thanks to LOL Jocks (a must bookmark!)

If you know how to put my blog in a google reader type of thing, or subscribe to my updates then feel free to do so. Probably the best way to stay connected to my infrequent postings. If you are on twitter I think you should follow me as I generally stop in there every day and talk sports – and announce when I post something too. Follow me @AllThatAmar