Monday, March 2, 2009

How is Gasol the Player of the Month?

Okay, Pau Gasol is a great flipping 2nd option. On Kobe's team he was able to chip in 20.9 ppg (58.6 fg%) and 10.9 rpg. Kobe's Lakers went 11-2 this last month of February. Gasol was named Western Conference Player of the Month. The Jazz went 10-1 in that same month, and Deron Williams (not the second banana on his team, and playing without starters during the month due to injuries) averaged 23.2 ppg (51.2 fg%, 87.1 ft%, and averages a made three for each game), 10.9 apg, 2.9 rpg and 0.9 spg. Deron also led his team to wins over Pau's Kobe's LA Lakers, the defending World Champion Boston Celtics, and ESPN's not-so-secret crush's New Orleans Hornets -- all in the same month.

So . . . better records . . . better stats . . . played on team filled with injuries = Kobe's cabana boy gets PotM?

Thanks NBA. You stay classy.

p.s. I know Sloan won Coach of the Month . . . but really, this is not something that even is worthy of debate.


JD said...

More hate fromm JazzLand. As expected.

We miss you at WX.

- JD