Sunday, March 29, 2009

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again . . .

Remember this last week, where the Jazz could make a powerful statement by beating the Houston Rockets at home, then turn around the next night and beat the Suns on the road? Well, that didn't happen . . . after a very solid home win the Jazz worked hard and ended up pissing the game away. (Which has pretty much been their style this season) The Jazz followed that up by nearly losing at home to those very same Suns. Anyway, fast forward to this week and now the Jazz get a chance to play the Knicks at home and turn around and try to win one of the last remaining back-to-back sets of the season, by going into the dragon's lair in Portland. Portland is basically as awesome at home as the Jazz are. It's not going to be easy . . . but you figure with the law of averages and all, that the Jazz will end up winning some road games.

The Jazz are either going to get it right some day now, or the entire season will have been an exercise in futility. (If we were going to be so mediocre, why not play Kosta and Kyrylo more?) It's simple. It's basketball. That's all it is: winning or losing. I didn't want this season to play out like it has, but it's not over yet. C'mon Jazz, let's win some road games!


binary basketball blog said...

As a Suns fan, I was impressed with the heart and determination both teams had in that Jazz loss in Phoenix. It seemed like the Suns just wanted it more. They had more on the line.

The Jazz have shown to be absolutely amazing at times but I think they lack that sense of urgency required to really do well.

If they figure that out, they will be a very dangerous team.