Monday, April 20, 2009

John Stockton ‘89 NBA Playoff averages >>> any other PG EVAR!

stock402 Let’s face it, after John Stockton there aren’t a whole lot of American born White guys who are going to be called first ballot NBA Hall of Famers. When it comes to Stock, everyone talks about the assists, the short shorts, the steals, the short shorts, that shot he made against the Rockets in the West Finals, his shorts again, that pass in the NBA Finals and then people will talk about his shorts. Some people don’t actually know that there’s more to him than just that. Maybe there’s a bit of historical revisionism/historical homerism here, but John Stockton had all these great powers as a super tough, roundhouse kicking, tears curing cancer type of guy – but true to his form – he passed them all to Chuck Norris instead. This is pretty much true, as best as I can remember it – but he was still pretty amazing. Just check out his playoff averages from the 1988-1989 season:





  • 27.3 PPG
    • 50.8 fg%
    • 90.5 ft%
    • 75.0 3pt%
  • 13.7 APG
    • 3.73 Assist to Turn Over ratio
  • 3.3 RPG
  • 3.67 SPG
  • 1.67 BPG
  • 46.3 MPG

That’s like Tony Parker’s FG% with Nash’s FT% and if you added up Deron Williams and Chris Paul’s 3PT% together! Wow!


Todd said...

Nice numbers, but it came in just three games.

How about his '88 playoffs: 19-4-15 in 11 games; took defending champ LA to seven games in the semis; had 29/20 in game 7 and 23/24 in game 5 (both in LA against Magic). I'll take '88 thanks

Amar said...

Hey Todd -- I know the sample size is rather small, and it was a sad frustrating end of the season, but it was still amazing. As for the '88 playoffs, well, that's the reason I became a Jazz fan in the first place.