Saturday, April 25, 2009

Round 1, Game 4: It’s simple . . .

There really is not much to say about this game. And there’s really no reason to hype up this game at all either. Both teams know what is at stake. For the Lakers it’s the potential set up blow before the knock out. You know that the Lakers would much rather win this game, and end it at home – instead of having to prolong the series to 6 (or more) games. LA wants to get a break, rest up, and be ready for the next round. In order to do that they’ve got to make this series short. How do they do that? By winning games on the road.

It’s even simpler for the Jazz – as the proverbial thorn in the lion’s paw they can extend the agony of the beast by remaining just where they are – Salt Lake City. Utah is a good home team, and they need to win this game, for the chance to live another day. If the Jazz lose this game then it’s pretty much all over on a very disappointing season. Utah has some warriors on their team though, and like that frustratingly difficult to remove thorn, they are not going to just give up.

Some Lakers fans feel like a Game 4 win is a forgone conclusion. This may be the case, but at what cost?

Small, incapable of producing a fatal wound 
– but strong enough to hurt real bad,
and potentially cripple the mightiest of beasts.

Utah is above goonery, though a 5 game series vs. the Jazz can mimic the effects of a 7 game series against a less physical foe. If the Jazz happen to win game 4, well, that means at least another 2 that the Lakers have to play (another one in Utah) – games that they would have much rather have not had to play at all. (Lots of people thought LAL – UTH = sweep)