Monday, November 3, 2008

Jason Hart revenge game . . . #2

Hart was capable of dribbling the ball forwards

As I mentioned earlier, things did not go so well for Jason Hart and the LA Clippers last game . . . more than anything else, though, the oft-neglected (by the media) off-season trade orchestrated by Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor to move Hart for Brevin Knight looks even better the day after. Sure, the fans pretty much hated Hart for his play . . . but he was well liked by his team mates. Being well liked doesn't really mean anything in this league though, look at how Dee Brown was dumped after visiting all of those shitty little towns in behalf of the Jazz.

What matters is production. Hart did not produce, but Knight has. More impressive is how Knight actually cares about his play and tries really hard on defense. He doesn't like getting beat and takes pride in his play. I remember in the nuggets game he got called for a cheap turn over, instead of complaining to the ref he just sucked it up, and stole the ball on the next play.

Hart has a chance tonight to make the trade seem a little less lopsided . . . and this is probably his best chance to do so. As the season goes on Baron Davis is probably going to be healthy to play in the last game (April 13th, 2009) these two teams play against each other. (Utah and the Clippers only play 3 times this season) The minutes are there, unless Mike Taylor plays the spoiler again . . . which very well could happen.

I don't have anything against Hart, given time he can be a solid NBA player, he just had a really bad season last year. I know that he doesn't suck as bad as he played last season because a few years ago I picked him up for my fantasy team back when he was first on the clippers and getting over a steal a game to go with 5 apg. (I only picked him up because I needed assists and steals and he was playing 5 games that week)

Anyway, this is the Jason Hart revenge game . . . #2! Starting tonight at 10:30 est! Truly a battle for the ages! (Maybe he'll score 3 points this time around?)