Sunday, November 2, 2008

October 2008 Monthly Recap

Wow, 65 total posts . . . I must have no life . . . or alternatively, the NBA season must have finally started! Hooray! I wasn't always on time, but a major point of October was the season preview. (check it out, it's the best season preview on the net at over 20 pages!) Anyway, on to the links:

Regular Features:

YouTube Tuesdays: [4]

  1. Utah Jazz mix from NBA 2k8;
  2. Mehmet Okur Interview drinking game;
  3. Mark Eaton throws it down;
  4. AllThatJazz is #3!

Flashback Fridays: [4]

  1. Ranking the Rookie Seasons of CJ Miles, Ronnie Brewer and Morris Almond;
  2. The 1990 NBA Draft (or how Derrick Coleman sucks);
  3. Andrei back when he was AK-47;
  4. Taking a look at how the Jazz have handled rookies, and how long the brass has taken to evaluate them (Morris Almond related)

Original Articles:

News Inspired:

Amar's October Recommendations:

  1. Obviously, I think the season preview is worth a gander
  2. I was surprised and pleased by my placing in LA Ball Talk's Team Blog contest (AllThatJazz is #3!)
  3. The whole Deron injury could have made things iffy for the Jazz, but the schedule isn't so bad when you look at it.
  4. Andrei is a pretty good player when he gets All-Star minutes, I looked at over 200 games worth of data and figured it out: he's the same guy he was in 2003-2004, look at my findings and see for yourself!
  5. The Morris Almond saga: A tale of two cities, limited returns, how he compares to other NBA SG's (objective statistical analysis by The Wages of Wins), the recent news of how the Jazz are not going attempt to find playing time for him -- or pay him $1.15 million dollars to keep him next season.