Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jerry Sloan 1k

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Jerry Sloan has won a lot of games in his career as a coach, 1094 to be exact. He started coaching at the age of 37 for the Chicago Bulls (whom he played for as a younger man, and had success there). He coached there for almost three seasons (he was fired in his 3rd season) and came to Utah a few years later as an assistant under Frank Layden. Frank left coaching in the middle of the 1988-1989 season, and since then it's been Jerry's show to run. And he's run it quite well. He's had 12 seasons of 50+ wins, which is ridiculous.

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Two nights ago he got his 1000th win with the Utah Jazz . . . and this is a big thing.

Most Coaching wins: Wins with one Franchise:    
Lenny Wilkens 1,332   Jerry Sloan* Utah Jazz 1,000
Don Nelson* 1,282   Red Auerbach Boston Celtics 795
Pat Riley 1,210   Gregg Popovich* San Antonio Spurs 633
Jerry Sloan* 1,094   Red Holtzman New York Knicks 613
Larry Brown* 1,012   John MacLeod Phoenix Suns 579
Source: Source: SLC Trib    

* Active coaches

I remember when Lenny Wilkens passed Red Auerbach's record, and that record seemed like a record that would never be broken. I had no clue that at least four other (back then) active coaches would surpass Red some time down the line. Sloan's record (for wins with one franchise) appears as imposing, but who's to know what'll happen in the next few decades in this league? But let's forget about a future that may never happen, let's focus on the present -- right now Sloan has reached a milestone that is amazing, and possibly, a record that'll last for a very long time. Congrats, Jerry -- you earned it, even if you don't like personal awards.