Sunday, November 2, 2008

Poll Results: Aside from the Title, what's the most important goal for this season?

Wow, this was our most successful poll yet with a whopping 64 total votes! The original question was posted way back on October 12th, and this poll really cut to the heart of what the Jazz fans thought was most important. Each potential answer could have resulted in a number of additional benefits -- for example more blowout wins would mean that our starters could rest more, while our younger players could get more actual playing time and develop faster. On the other hand, winning more individual player awards could help the Jazz in that the player's would develop a better 'rep' and when the playoffs came they'd end up getting the calls (or non-calls on defense) needed to win close games. The results were mainly divided between three of the seven categories:

Road wins . . .
  1. Win more Road games -- 20 votes (31%)
  2. Play better defense -- 19 votes (29%)
  3. Secure home court for first round of the playoffs -- 15 votes (23%)
  4. Win more individual player awards -- 4 votes (6%)
  5. Win the North West Division again -- 3 votes (4%)
  6. Win more blowouts -- 2 votes (3%)
  7. Continue to dominate opposing teams at home -- 1 vote (1%)

I think that winning more road games assumes that the Jazz will still be good at home . . . and that playing better defense also would increase the number of road wins. Securing home court in the 1st round is going to be necessary because I don't expect to be winning a lot of road Game 7's in the future -- like we did two seasons ago. Ideally we'd do all of these 7 things, but if we could do only 3, those would be the two do.