Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Croatia goes bombs away again!


It's late, but I needed to fill people in . . . Iran got killed by Lithuania (as predicted), but Russia couldn't D-up Croatia (they shot 50+% from three). Zoran and crew all played well, and shot smartly. He finished with 20, and Marko Popovic with 22. JR Holden shot very poorly for Russia and Andrei had his usual type of game (18/6/3/1/3) but was also hounded into shooting 45% and turning the ball over 5 times. Group A just got a little bit more interesting as it looks like Russia and Argentina will now have to fight for 3rd place. Greece and Germany are playing right now in some solid Group B action (Greece is up 69 - 48 in the 4th quarter....). More on these stories tomorrow!