Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Men's Basketball Updated Standings

Half the Olympics are over, and some teams are playing better than the others . . . little surprises exist as you look at who the group leaders are emerging to be:

Group A   Wins Losses Points   Group B   Wins Losses Points
Flag_LTU Lithuania 3 0 6   Flag_USA United States 3 0 6
Flag_ARG Argentina 2 1 5   Flag_ESP Spain 3 0 6
Flag_CRO Croatia 2 1 5   Flag_GER Germany 1 2 4
Flag_RUS Russia 1 2 4   Flag_GRE Greece 1 2 4
Flag_AUS Australia 1 2 4   Flag_CHN China 1 2 4
Flag_IRI Iran 0 3 3   Flag_ANG Angola 0 3 3

In Group A action Lithuania has been a wrecking ball that has been obliterating all comers. Croatia is riding their strong over-all talent and Argentina's NBA stars are more than a handful for most teams. Russia has played poorly, losing two close games due to the shooting trouble of (depending on the game) JR Holden or Andrei Kirilenko.

Group B has been much more predictable, in that the United States and Spain are killing everyone. Their game against each other should be a relatively good one. Germany and Greece battle it out for 3rd place, and I expect the Greeks to take it.


John said...

I do expect Argentina to cruch Iran but it will tough for them to repeat that heroic feat four years ago.

Team USA is the best and I do feel not even Spain might be able to match them.

What about your overall thought's about the competition so far?

Amar said...

It's going to be tough for Argentina, mainly because three other teams are playing quite well right now (USA, Lith, and Croatia). But it's still very early. All you have to do is be the hot team going into the next round of play, and play well. (like Russia did @ EuroBasket 2007)Argentina is one of the most polished teams, and should be one of the three teams to medal in the Olympics. (I don't know if Croatia's hot shooting can continue, and one of Lith and Spain will destroy the other)

I'm not surprised by any of the games so far, as the 'better' team has been winning. I think your blog is awesome, and I agree -- it's USA's tournament to lose.