Tuesday, August 5, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Episode 1

Every blog brings something different and nice. The Internet is big, so there's enough space for everyone. I truly believe this -- but for you to truly belong you have to do something that no one else does. So this week I'm introducing one of my new, weekly features: YouTube Tuesdays.

First up? This video posted by "rightside04" titled: The Real Kosta Koufos Highlight Video. [5:00] It's completely worksafe (unless you don't like rap/hip hop) and features highlights of his first (and only) year of NCAA ball at Ohio State. There are no highlights from his FIBA U18 dominance for Greece in this video. This video makes me that much more comfortable with his offensive game (which was really a stinker in the RMR -- 38% fg stinks). He had some nice blocks as well. It's a solidly mixed video and a good introduction to the man I call The Kolossus! [Yeah, that's one of the nicknames I made up for the Jazz players . . . catch the first 5 names here!] This is a good introduction to YouTube Tuesdays as well! Watch it!


The Crotty Kid said...

Great blog, Amar.

Can't say that I'm as confident in you in Koufos' potential. I didn't like him before the draft, and after the RMR, I certainly haven't grown more fond of him.

Amar said...

Thanks CK -- I don't think that he's going to be great, but I think that in time he could be a Rik Smits type of player. Obviously he's 3 inches shorter, but he's very young. I expect him to be playing in Orem most of the year. Maybe in the next two years he'll develop and when he is around 23 years old he can be a rotation guy? Maybe . . . we shall see.