Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Episode 2

Okay, if you missed last week, it was a college retrospective of Jazz Rookie Kosta Koufos, catch it here. This week? Something more dynamic . . . something like pre-Alcoholism Keon Clark. Clark was one of my most favorite players to watch when he was on the Toronto Raptors. I still remember his first game there after being traded off of Denver like it was yesterday. Anyway, here's a little video that chronicles his good playing days with the Denver Nuggets, Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings.

This video is posted by "elbombas " titled: Keon Clark Highlights. [1:59] This video is spectacular, and unlike so many other 'mixes', doesn't involve either crap rock or hip hop. You can see him dunking on guys like Greg Ostertag, Shawn Bradley, Bryant "Big Country" Reeves, Felton Spencer, Scott Pollard and others in this mix. (you know, the types of guys that the Utah Jazz are likely to hire to patrol the paint)

The dunk at 0:39 is one of the Top 5 basketball plays that I've ever lived through.

I remember watching that playoff game vividly as the Raptors were exorcising their demons from the season before (where the Knicks swept them out of the playoffs). This was at the end of the game in MSG, no, it WAS the end of the game. Keon posted up on Felton Spencer, turned to face him, took him off the dribble and threw down this absolutely filthy lefty dunk. I remember going outside of my house to scream for a few moments after I saw that. Man, I miss those "I live in a safe place where I can go out and scream in the road and not get shot at" days . . . for those who didn't know, I now live in Detroit.