Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Area 51

So this week I'm posting a video that's not of NBA players or anything like that at all. It's a mix video of one guy throwing down some really nice jams. Who is this guy? He's probably the single best jumper in the entire South Asian Diaspora . . . his running jump is 51" -- hence his nickname "Area 51". How do I know that he is South Asian (i.e. his ancestors are from India)? Well, look at him. Secondly, understand that he was born and raised in Australia -- which has a significant Indian population (not unlike the other colony Canada). And thirdly, his first name is Chand. Which is short for Chandra, or Chandrakant. Anyway, you may have already seen short dunkers like Nate Robinson or Spud Webb, but put this in the proper perspective that this is a 5'8 Indian dude throwing it down. Now that's impressive.

Throw it down, little man!

It's guys like this who give me hope for my peoples . . . I'm also a 5'8 Indian dude but at my max vertical back in high school and undergrad allowed me to only dunk a soccer ball or a volley ball on a 10' rim, so he gets much props from me. Then again, our community is one which seems to be much more interested in non-athletic pursuits (1 Olympic medal per every 376,622,051.3 people); focusing either on becoming trained professionals, or making it big in the movies (everything from M Night, to Kumar to Bollywood).

There is no surprise that David Stern wants to expand the Asian market. He's seen the projected population and increasing middle class in India, and he wants part of that (like any good business man). Heck, every Indian kid in Canada and America already grows up playing basketball (as opposed to hockey or baseball). Out of a population that is so varied and diverse (and numerous) that you get everything from a baby being born with 8 limbs to serious hotties . . . there has to be a few basketball players out there.