Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Poll: Aside from the Title, what's the most important goal for this season?

We all want the Jazz to win the title this season -- and it's not out of the question either -- but what secondary goal is the most important to the team?

  • Secure home court for first round of the playoffs -- the last few playoffs we've been starting on the road, even though we've won our division. Home court, even if it's for just the first round, can be a huge advantage for the Jazz.
  • Win the North West division title -- winning the division title for the 3rd season in a row is the most important of these secondary goals.
  • Play better defense -- if the Jazz player better defense winning will take care of itself
  • Win more Road Games -- the Jazz lost on the road to a lot of bad teams last season, winning those games means the difference between 5th seed and 1st seed
  • Win more games in a blowout -- more blowout wins will mean more rest for our workhorses and more actual game time for our developing prospects
  • Continue to Dominate opposing teams at home -- As long as the Jazz keep winning 34+ games at home everything else will not matter
  • Individual Player Awards -- Players need to be recognized as All-Stars or All NBA team members, that will allow them better calls from the refs, and that makes all the difference in the playoffs when it comes to fouls (right Kobe?)