Wednesday, July 16, 2008

James Posey is a hornet

Wow! I did not see this coming -- but frankly, that is understandable . . . I really haven't been following the free agency this off-season as the Jazz have pretty much been in autopilot mode since the draft. Well James Posey is going to be running with Chris Paul down in New Orleans according to ESPN (and others).
"James Posey, arguably the most coveted unrestricted free agent left on the market, agreed to a four-year deal with the New Orleans Hornets on wednesday worth an estimated $25 million, his agent, Mark Bartelstein, said . . . Getting Posey would be a huge coup for the Hornets, who are coming off a breakthrough season and increasingly billed as a future power in the West with quality starters such as David West, Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic surrounding face of the franchise Chris Paul." (Marc Stein, ESPN, 2008)
I guess, if nothing else, we can really say that the Hornets are better than our Utah Jazz. They won two more games than us last regular season, and were a higher seed. So far they've locked up their franchise player while ours still remains to be unsigned. Now this! (Somewhere from a darkened room Larry H. Miller summons someone to bring him a phone, and in it he simply says "Kevin . . . I'm going to make make you an offer you can't refuse . . .")