Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Truth Hurts

Koufos and Fesenko share some quality time on the bench.
Picture credited to Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune

Ideally the events of last night will be lost in the bigger picture of Deron Williams' contract extension and C.J. Miles achieving financial security. Unfortunately, we do not exist within an ideal world. I did not get  a chance to watch the game, or follow it via the radio (went to the DIA last night and stayed for the Jazz concert); and I'm glad to have missed it.

For those who are blissfully uninformed, we were once again absolutely destroyed by the San Antonio Spurs. While part of me is surprised by the, for lack of a better term, "OWNAGE" that seems to exist in this rivalry even down to the summer league level, another -- perhaps more rational -- part of me understands that until something crazy happens, we are going to remain being that 'little train that could not'. We may think that we can, but right now we're not currently equipped to beat the Spurs. Especially not when we don't have an NBA talent running the show. The last few seasons we've been okay in the RMR due to the show being run by guys like Deron Williams and Dee Brown. (and Brian Chase)

This version of the roster is a whole bunch of garbage and our NBA-DL pg Kevin Kruger. He's a fantastic D-League point guard, but he's apparently not the equal of IUPUI's George Hill (1st round, pick 26). Previous Rocky Mountain Review Jazz rosters have been legitimate previews of our rotation: Deron Williams, Ronnie Brewer, Paul Millsap and others. This RMR we have a poor man's Allen Houston and two large albatrosses.

It was a bad start for both of these guys -- but at least Koufos is a rookie, so he has an excuse. Fess, on the other hand, didn't foul like crazy while Koufos did. Together they combined to form an awesome Voltron of poor play. Kyrylkosta Koufesenko "[had] two blocked shots . . . with 5 points and 4 rebounds," (, 2008). The game looked okay, when looking at everything but the 3rd quarter.

  1 2 3 4 Final
Spurs 22 12 28 8 82
Jazz 15 22 9 11 57

The official website has yet to release the official boxscore for the game still . . . and I don't blame them. If nothing else, we learned that Morris Almond is still a scorer (netting 17 points on a variety of moves), and is improving his all around play. Fess needed to make a positive statement in this game and failed to do so. Koufos played nearly as bad. In the ultimate 'glass is half full' mindset the Jazz and Jazz fans can only expect for their two bigmen to play better!

And you know what? I know that they will.