Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ceejay, oh Ceejay; whereforart thou?

Frankly, I don't think enough has been said about C.J. Miles. Where does one really begin? Here is a short (and probably slightly inaccurate) timeline:

  • Calvin Miles Jr. is born sometime in the 80's
  • He finishes high school at Skyline High, somewhere in the vaguely Dallas area
  • He is drafted in the NBA, in the early 2nd round
  • Unlike DeShawn Stevenson (the last high schooler the Jazz drafted before CJ), he does not get into a big fight at a high school all-star game and escape in his new Escalade after being drafted
  • He is told that he will have a 2 year deal with 1st round draftee money if he signs with the jazz -- so he doesn't go to college in Texas
  • Basically the Utah Jazz becomes his college team
  • He looks kinda promising in his 2nd Rocky Mountain Review
  • He starts for the Utah Jazz by beginning of 2nd season -- apparently killing all the guys defending him in pre-season practices
  • He plays poorly in the first few games, and we never really hear from him again
  • He is a RFA and not signed by any team and decides to NOT play summer league for the Jazz between his 2nd and 3rd seasons.
  • This angers the Jazz brass
  • He is never heard from again -- save for that sequence in December where Giricek was banished and he had a few good games while the Jazz were losing all month long
  • The Jazz trade for Kover, and CJ is, for the third time in three seasons, never heard from again
  • Now a RFA again, and not signed by any team, CJ decides again NOT to play summer league for the Jazz

It's hard to get a read on how his 'choose your own adventure' will end, but it appears as though he is in one of those perpetual loops of poor decision making skills that only makes things worse. How bad is it? I was looking for YouTube highlights of him, and well, I had to dig back into my own uploaded videos to see him playing in his 2nd Rocky Mountain Review (06-07). Clearly he is a much better player now, but please . . . take a look at this video where he gets a nice steal, a dunk and two "assists".