Saturday, July 19, 2008

Celebrate . . . Deron Williams

In celebration of Deron's contract extension I'm going to post a few YouTube videos that (I think) best display how talented he is. There will be four videos total, one for each year that his contract is extended for.

This first video is courtesy of the NBA, and features Deron Williams doing whatever he wants to the Lakers in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs. [Runtime: 1:51]
Now this video comes from YouTube user memoismoney, and he uploads quite a few good ones. I've decided to go with his Deron Williams 06-07 Season Mix -- this includes all your favorites from that magical playoff run! [Runtime: 3:36]
Next up we have a 07-08 mix (The Deron Williams 2007-08 Supreme Mix) by another great YouTube user and Jazz fan, xunlucky17x -- his videos are always entertaining and unlike most mixes, don't include Rap! [Runtime: 4:13]

Last, for the Opt out of contract year we have a hilarious local Utah ad for a moving company featuring Deron Williams needing some help -- this last one brought to us by Odenized, if you don't know about then you should find out soon! [Runtime: 0:30]