Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poor Ceejay, I knew him well ...

Updating the assumed trainwreck that is C.J. Miles at the Rocky Mountain Review we have a confirmation that dude is nowhere the *beep* to be found in Summer league training camp. If this keeps up, I'm in line to get more playing time than Ceejay this season . . .

"One thing became quite evident on Day 1 of the Utah Jazz's training camp for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Revue: C.J. Miles is not asking Jerry Sloan for tips on how to spend his summer.

"He's not probably getting advice from me. If he was, he'd be here . . . he's a free agent," Sloan added. "He can go out there and do what he wants to do."

Camping of the basketball variety in Utah is apparently not on Miles' to-do list right now, though. The 21-year-old swingman was not among the 17 players sporting Jazz practice uniforms at the team's training facility in advance of the Rocky Mountain Revue." (Genessy, 2008)