Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you *still* don't know...

When was the last time Nash actually won a big game?

Take a look at who does what in crunch time for the Jazz? In the last 2 minutes of the game he:

  • [1:52] Assists on a three pointer to bring the jazz to within 4 of the leading rockets
  • [1:22] Drives on his man and scores all by himself
  • [1:10] Causes a deflection that ends up with a Malone steal
  • [1:04] Drives and scores all by himself against 2 defenders to tie the game
  • [0:50.2] Doubles down on Hakeem, forcing the kick out, then rushes and closes out on the open guy to make him shoot a poor, contested three that misses
  • [0:30.3] Yells at Ostertag for fouling out (16 points and 14 rebounds)
  • [0:22.4] Drives on his man again, and again scores all by himself to tie it up again
  • [0:00.0] Stockton simply hits the Confernce clinching buzzer beater three to win 103-100

That's 9 points, 1 assists and 1 deflection on 100% shooting, including the game winner in the last 2 mins of work. (no fouls and no turn overs) Seriously . . . Stockton was a bad-ash, stone cold killer.