Monday, July 14, 2008

Explanation #1

Okay, I've been a jazz fan since 1987, I've never lived in Utah . . . and I visited only once back in 1984 when I was a kid. I enjoy some types of music, Jazz happens to be one of them. My top 5 Jazz players are (in no order): Karl Malone, John Stockton, Mark Eaton, Jeff Hornacek and Andrei Kirilenko. No, I have not see the film All That Jazz, but I did visit its' page while researching names. Here is a list of a few Blog names that I thought about:

  • one potential name surrounded Mark Eaton (though I got wary after visiting his publicist's information page);
  • Manute Bol was another likely target, hence: "Bol(d) Basketball";
  • Dominique Wilkins was drafted by the Jazz, would have been pretty good running with Stockton and Malone. Due to this, I thought fans would like to cry about it like I did, hence "The Human Crylight Reel";
  • "Horny Ceksual Assault" (no, you didn't read that, keep moving on);
  • "Dunk it like Benoit!", in reference and reverence towards that one time John Stockton's kid broke his arm trying to, ahem, Dunk it like Benoit;
  • and lastly, two potential blog names that suggest a slightly off-center perception of the world: "What time is it? Ostertime!" and "Finding Ostertag". I'm a big fan of Basketbawful, and share similar views about the legendary Greg Ostertag.

Okay, that's fine and dandy, but what about that crappy place holder art at the top page? Well, Mr.Super Logical Robot, that *IS* crappy place holder art. It basically shows a 'rough draft' of what the title bar thingy will look like (you know, when I have more time to crop and stuff). I did 'yoink' the title font thingy from the "All That Jazz" movie posters, and I assembled this crude image with LViewPro. (No, no PhotoShop for Amar . . . not with the economy like it is)

Stockton and Malone are up there, as they should be. Deron Williams, with his contract that will be signed shortly, also deserves a spot. (Who knows if guys like AK, or C-Booz will be on the Jazz in 2 years?) What about Big Mark Eaton? Many people today who recently joined NBA Fandom don't know how good he was. Even long-time fans never really got to see how good he was, with how poorly the media focused on the Jazz back then. (And also, we're really lucky that technology today has allowed for things like the internet, websites, tracking box scores on our cell phones, NBA League Pass, blogs, YouTube mixes and so forth -- we didn't have that back in the old days)

Dude was great on and off the court, being DPOY twice, once avg. over 5 BPG, was a monster on the glass, and used to speak out against child abuse. Sure, he wasn't a guy with many go-to-moves save for the 'raise my arms up and dunk'; but he deserves more respect than just being a blogging footnote for being tall, and having a movie being made about his life. Thus, Big Mark gets a starting spot in my Blog.