Sunday, September 21, 2008

Andrei's agent denies stupid Internet rumor

It is no secret that I think that rumormongering is pretty weak -- and discredits blogging and bloggers everywhere. Seriously, we're better than Peter Vescey, right? So I was aghast when I saw ballhype hyping up such a silly and insane rumor. In order for this deal to go down (AK to CSKA) a few giant leaps would have had to be made (like getting out of an NBA-Player's Association deal, or getting bought out for $50 million dollars, and so on) -- the largest being a leap in logic. Andrei wants to finish his contract here, he can always retired from the NBA later and play ball in Europe. Many European players have done so previously, like Sabonis or Marciulionis for example, retiring from the NBA, only to play another 5 or so seasons back in their home continent. Anyway . . . from the horses mouth really,

"There's no question that they would love to have him," agent Marc Fleisher said of CSKA. "But to my knowledge, they haven't made any efforts this summer -- at least through me -- to get him, so I don't take it (the rumor) very seriously." (Mark Fleisher, via the Deseret News, 2008)


Marc Fleisher works as an agent with EnterSport, and represents Andrei Kirilenko, Tony Parker, Mehmet Okur, Jerome James, Sean Marks, Willie Solomon and Nathan Jawai.