Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Depth Perception: Power Forwards Poll Results

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I wrote about the state of the Power Forward position in the NBA. From that article I chose six crews (one for each division) who were the best in the NBA at covering the 4 spot. I asked you (the readers) to vote, and this is how it turned out:

Team Players         % of votes
det_50px_080328  Rasheed Wallace Jason Maxiell Antonio McDyess Amir Johnson Walter Herrmann 10%
lal_50px_080328  Pau Gasol Lamar Odom Vladimir Radmanovic Luke Walton Josh Powell 11%
mia_50px_080328  Shawn Marion Udonis Haslem Michael Beasley Joel Anthony David Padgett 1%
sas_50px_080328  Tim Duncan Kurt Thomas Matt Bonner Ian Mahinmi Anthony Tolliver 0%
tor_50px_080328  Chris Bosh Jermaine O'Neal Andrea Bargnani Kris Humphries Nathan Jawai 28%
uta_50px_080328  Carlos Boozer Mehmet Okur Andrei Kirilenko Paul Millsap Kosta Koufos 48%

Frankly I'm surprised that Utah got so many votes while Miami and San Antonio got so few. (Isn't Duncan the best PF of all time, according to some? And isn't Beasley supposed to be super awesome?) I think Detroit should have gotten more votes than the Lakers as well. Toronto is very solid, but in the end, I'm happy that Utah won. After all, they are the only squad who has 3 (at some point) All-Stars to throw at the 4 -- and then bring a guy like Millsap in the mix after that.

Also -- if you don't like my low resolution team logo images then make a suggestion on where to get better ones that don't break copywrite laws!