Tuesday, September 2, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Andrei Kirilenko is still a bad, bad man

Okay, let's get this right out there. Andrei Kirilenko is overpaid. He is overpaid like crazy. That said, his is not the worst contract in the NBA, nor is he the worst player in the world. He's still a productive player -- flat out amazing on some nights, like when he pretty much single-handily beat the LA Lakers when Boozer and Memo were injured -- just not a meal-ticket Max contract player. Part of this is due to his production. He's still quite efficient, but he doesn't get a chance to produce much on the floor because he barely plays 30 mpg because guys like Matt Harpring need playing time in Jerry Sloan's system, it's no big secret that when he plays 37 mpg he puts up All-Star numbers. That said ... Boozer can't defend like him, Memo can't pass like him, Millsap can't shoot like him, Korver can't tip passes away like him and cause defections, and Harpring can't cover ground and be a weak side shot blocker like him. Brewer gets eaten alive on man-to-man defense, while Andrei gets the call in the 4th quarter. Similar to how Deron is one of the best point guards in the league (pretty much within the Top 2 or 3), Andrei is still one of the best players on the Utah Jazz. Watch this video (NSFW, unless your work is cool with 2pac) for the video evidence of how useful he still is.

Andrei Kirilenko video [5:12] posted on YouTube by 8hanky8

Yeah. This video is all recent stuff and doesn't include him blocking guys like Yao and Dirk like he is apt to do on occasion.


Anonymous said...

my love affair with ak47 has started all over again.