Sunday, September 21, 2008

David Thorpe [ESPN] on the Rookie class of 2008-2009

ESPN's David Thorpe (you may know him from his work with IMG) evaluates a lot of talent. He ranks the Top 50 Rookies of each class and continues to update and revise this list over the course of the season. That said, two members of the Utah Jazz make it up this first, initial, list.

All the way down (or up, depending on how you view him, and his 20% fg shooting 'display' during the RMR) is our own Kosta Koufos. Our big fat Greek draft pick (who isn't actually fat, and he was born and raised in Ohio) is a 19 year old 7'0 center with a sweet stroke who has significant upside. Thorpe explains that he is

"Coordinated, but slow, with a good frame. Looks like he likes to face up and shoot, but his shot looks flat now. Does an excellent job absorbing contact on shots inside; keeps his shoulders square on finishes. His capacity for work is very high, so rapid improvement is a far expectation."

Over all, this is a very positive review for a guy who is a few seasons away (at worst) from contributing to our team.

Additionally, at #40 is our own international man of mystery, Tadija Dragicevic -- an apparently 22 year old Small Forward (6'9, 222 lbs.) who likes to shoot the ball. He's going to stay in the Adriatic League as far as I know, for a very long time, and I seriously doubt that Kevin O'Connor will treat him as anything more than just an asset in the near future. Thorpe's take suggests that Tadija is "a strong and offensive-minded forward who is likely staying in Europe." Can't argue with that, as all I know about him is that his defense is non-existent and that we're stashing him over there. That said, the Serbian has been called a 'Scoring Machine' by . . . really, check it out here.

That's it David . . . keep climbing the ladder . . . one day you will be the GM . . . Kobe, how does my ass taste?
Some temp gets to use a different dry erase marker color every so often . . . this is one of those moments. Tadijilla-Drilla throws it down