Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Poll! Which young, non-starter is most likely to be 'the talk' of Training camp this season?

This is a new poll, and you have until NOV 1st to make your voice heard! Which of these guys is most likely to be the talk of training camp this season? Vote on the right hand side thingy . . .

Paul Millsap, PF/SFC.J. Miles, SG/SF
Paul boxes out Ceejay is looking for an opening this season
Kyrylo Fesenko, CKosta Koufos, C/PF
Fess dunks on KorverKoufos has balls
Morris Almond, SG/SFOther, ???
Mobe makes space . . . Other . . .


RLF said...

We actually miss you at WC. Go figure that. :)