Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Dee Brown Dreamin'

Looks like Chris Paul's coach had to call a time out I think Dee Brown is a fantastic person, and he's a pretty good ball player as well. He was the prince back at Illinois (even though he was on the same team with Deron Williams and Luther Head). He then was drafted by the Utah Jazz, played very well as the season (and especially the playoffs) continued, did all the stuff the Jazz wanted (even spent part of his summer touring remote towns on behalf of the Utah Jazz, and played for their summer league team when he didn't have a contract) -- but didn't get a guaranteed contracted from them for his efforts.

He spent a year playing in Turkey (at the behest of Mehmet Okur) and now has made it back to the NBA -- this time with the Wizards. I wish him all the best this season, he is a fan favorite wherever he goes. The D.C. fans will love him. Dee also writes and spends time in his recording studio when he's not playing ball . . . here is one of his tracks. (It's very positive)

Dreamin' by Dee Brown