Tuesday, September 30, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Jerry Sloan's Summer

Jerry Sloan -- love him or hate him -- is still a good quote. It's all jokes now (Fesenko should ask him if he wants to be a coach or a clown), but he does make some good points. The Jazz need to win on the road, and they need to play defense. Utah is a great offensive team (no one thinks it, but look at the stats), the other side of the ball is a whole different story. Anyway, here's Sloan talking about his summer, about the benefit of being old (you can be lazy) and about how his wife stays in the kitchen. Additionally, he also swears in this. So it's basically Jerry Sloan, as usual.

Coach Jerry Sloan talks about the summer [1:43], uploaded by OfficialUtahJazz, so thanks guys!