Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! We're Number Three!

LABallTalk's top team blog contest is over, and surprisingly . . . AllThatJazz is #3. I'm very surprised, especially since I voted only once, and that was for TrueBlueJazz, too funny.

Thanks to LaBallTalk for doing this, and validating my insomnia. (It was either blogging or picking up the Tuba, and my neighbors probably would not have enjoyed that night time activity)

And thanks to all the people who voted for mine, and all the other Jazz blogs!

Super Mario Bros. - Solo Tuba [1:36] -- uploaded by tubadylan


M. D. said...

You a legit player in the game. Just linked you up. Keep up the good work.

M. D. said...

I'm legit to. Can't you tell by my spelling?