Thursday, October 30, 2008

The best homecourt advantage in the NBA just got better . . .

No doubt you may have already read that 44.4% of all NBA GM's (which kind of doesn't make sense, as there are 30 GMs, so that's 13 1/3 people) agree that the Utah Jazz have the best home-court advantage in the league. (2nd best was Boston with only 25.9% of the vote) This advantage seems to be partly based upon how great the fans are in Salt Lake City . . . and the results cannot be argued as the Jazz won a league high 37 home games last season. (Boston was 2nd best with 35 home wins -- and yes, for the record, the Jazz beat Boston in Boston last season -- by 18 points.)

Well, the rest of the NBA should be upset because the best homecourt advantage in the NBA just got better, thanks to the work of the Jazz Brass (thanks Randy Rigby!) They spent the big bucks to upgrade the sound system and lights (now with spotlights and lasers!) . . . and well, just like the home record last year, the results cannot be argued with either.

Don't expect the Jazz to go into the 2nd quarter behind anymore
Click here to view the video
Links to the Deseret News website video, thank you to Mike Terry, Michael Brandy and fellow Jazz fans everywhere

I do hate that song because that's the song the most vile and hated Chicago Bulls used to use. This video does not do the entire situation justice, it looked really cool on NBA League Pass last night (even if it was in standard def); but I'm sure it was awesome in person. They even had a pretty hard track playing in the back ground when the Nuggets starters were introduced. Why don't they get rid of the Bulls' track and get our own? There are plenty of awesome songs out there in the world [you can turn down (not off) the volume in the video and listen to the song, they are almost exactly synched up, even to the part where the lights come back on after the introductions]; why piggy back on the home court advantage of another team, when we can build upon our own EXISTING culture of home court dominance?