Sunday, October 5, 2008

Utah Jazz Pre-Season Schedule and Analysis!

The Jazz start their quest for the title on Tuesday night with a game against the defending Western Conference Champions -- the LA Lakers. In total, the Jazz play 7 tune up games, here they are!

Date Away Home Time
Oct / 7 / 08 Utah LA Lakers 10 pm EST
Oct / 9 / 08 Phoenix Utah 9 pm EST
Oct / 12 / 08 Utah Portland 6 pm EST
Oct / 15 / 08 Utah Denver 9 pm EST
Oct / 17 / 08 Utah Chicago 8:30 pm EST
Oct / 18 / 08 Utah Chicago 8:30 pm EST
Oct / 23 / 08 Portland Utah 9:00 pm EST

Apparently the Jazz play the Chicago Bulls twice in a row . . . fun, I guess. We also face Portland (which I think just won the 2008-2009 NBA championship, unless the Artest trade actually made Houston win it, I can't really keep up with all the media hype shitty teams get) Go Jazz go! I fully expect the media to spend the entire month of October telling us Jazz fans how Koufos is as good as some magical mixture of Steaks and Democracy put together, and then see him play in 30 some games this season.


UtesFan89 said...

You really think Koufos will get 30 games?

As I see it... there are 15 players on the roster. Only 12 can be active at a time. I really don't see Harpring or Flop or anyone spending much time on the inactive list... so Almond, Koufos & Fesenko could all be seeing a lot of NBDL time.

Amar said...

I think that 30 is a sky high max, unless something crazy happens, I'm more likely to expect 15-20. Realistically something around 15 and under.