Thursday, October 9, 2008

YouTube Tuesdays! Utah Jazz mix from NBA 2k8

For the record, I did not create this video . . . but I did rush out and purchase NBA 2k9 and NBA Live 09 for the PS3 on the 7th (the day I SHOULD have been posting a YouTube Tuesday). I took me two days to finally update the rosters on both of them and if any of you Jazz fans want, and I upload the rosters for you to download and use at home. It took a long time because the developers of both games have obviously never seen the Utah Jazz play -- and apparently Ronnie Brewer is one of the worst players ever, and could never average 12 ppg . . . also NBA Live has over 100 ratings, seriously, like I'm supposed to know how good Jarron Collins is at drawing a charge? That takes a long time, man! I spent one day each (well, not an entire day, but one evening I played Live, the next night I played 2k), and some conclusions need to be made:

  • NBA Live has some cool new features that need to be ironed out a little more (full 5 on 5 team practice does not appear to ever end . . . the player DNA automatic update doesn't work for everyone, myself included)
  • NBA Live did a lot to make last year's game better this time around (for example, icons no longer disappear, furthermore, you no longer miss every inside shot you take)
  • 2k did the opposite, they worked on making the game look better, not necessarily play better (it's the same as last year, with a few new animations but most are the same)
  • I think 2k will occupy my time more unless the new DNA thing is absolutely amazing . . . and it could be, as I was playing 2k there were numerous things that I missed not having, after playing NBA Live the night before
  • NBA Live improved the speed of their front end, while the Association (the dynasty for 2k) had even more difficult to navigate and understand screens -- which is a step back as 2k8 was really good with keeping things simple
  • Alas, if both companies combined their games the game would be almost perfect (the use of freestyle control on the right analog stick from NBA Live in great, the game presentation of 2k is similarly epic, etc)

Anyway, here's the video of Jazz highlights in NBA 2k8:

NBA 2k8 utah jazz mix [4:33] by everydaygorship