Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deron Williams hates foreigners, well, maybe just Gordan Giricek . . .

I apologize ahead of time for my Charlie Rosen / Peter Vescey style reporting lately, but whatever . . . it's all about headlines. To be even more honest, Deron Williams gushes about Kyle Korver (currently shooting 55 fg% so far this season) and explains that getting rid of Giricek (at least on paper) was a good move. He does like Giricek as a person . . . but admits that all of the other stuff became "a distraction" (Deron Williams, 2008). Click that link for the full audio [4:43] that talks about defense, back-up PG spots (Ronnie Price and Brevin Knight), C.J.'s current struggles and other stuff as well.

Thanks to 1320 KFan for uploading the file!

  Just for the record, Deron doesn't hate anyone, especially not people who weren't born in the USA. He doesn't hate Gordan Giricek any more than the rest of us do . . .