Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ronnie Brewer still can't shoot straight, and Deron Williams thinks human suffering is funny, or at least, Ronnie's jumper is funny

This is an awesome blog entry by Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune:

"Occupational Hazards:

Just wanted to share a story from this morning's shootaround. As we were talking to Jerry Sloan in one corner of the floor, I got absolutely drilled in the back of a the head (sic) by a ball of the rim. With my back to the basket, I never saw it coming.

Of course, non of the players yelled, "Head's up." about a half second after it happened, Deron Williams started cackling. As I was trying to collect myself, I could hear Williams in the background saying, "That's what happens when Ronnie's shooting." (Siler, 2008, via the Salt Lake Tribune Jazz Notes Blog)

Funny stuff . . . click on either of those two links for the full blog, it's pretty funny to me at least . . . not in the sense that I find human suffering funny (that would kind of go against the whole Medical Doctor thing), but funny in the irony sense. Siler recently extolled the greatness that is the new and improved Ronnie Brewer jump shot. In unrelated news, here is Paul Millsap and Ronnie Brewer going on a National Treasures type of hunt for Ronnie's missing jump shot.

Is it here? . . . nope . . . damn . . . where did I leave it?