Monday, October 27, 2008

ESPN's Marc Stein's last Power Rankings before the 2008-2009 Season begins!

Probably the most talked about power rankings in all of the Internet, ESPN's power rankings are always a hoot. And by Hoot, I mean, really . . . look at his write up of the LA Lakers?

"It's a good thing L.A. is so stacked, because it has some history to overcome along with all that tough comp out West. The losing team in the Finals, remember, hasn't made it to the next season's Finals since 1989." (M. Stein, 2008)

Did he just completely gloss over the best years in Utah Jazz franchise history, being the only of MJ's opponents to face him twice in the NBA finals? (in 1996-1997 and the next season, 1997-1998) Wow, nice "research" there Marc. Don't even get me started how a team that was under .500 in the East last season that adds a chronically injured 6'8 guy leapfrogs over a team that won 54 games in the West last season -- and got better (through internal development). Nice appraisal of "power" . . .


Scrumtrulescent said...

Now it says "hasn't WON the next season's Finals." Which, sadly, is accurate.